The club run a fundraising TOTE draw. All members are encouraged to take part and visitors and guests are welcome to join too. The TOTE draw is vital to the ongoing success of Cowdenbeath Golf Club.

Each weekend (not on the 5th weekend of any calendar month) three numbers between 1 and 15 are drawn randomly. Two prizes are available for anyone who correctly matches three numbers in the correct order and for anyone who matches three numbers in an incorrect order.

The cost is £1 per line and there are forty eight draws each year (no draw on the 5th weekend of any calendar month). To enter, you choose three numbers between 1 & 15. The order is important. For example, you might have: 15, 2, 7.

If you would like to take part in the TOTE draw then please contact the committee in person, by emailing: or through our facebook page.

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